S.L. Blend

S.L. Blend is a medium roast specialty coffee, providing balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.  You'll find notes of Stone Fruit with Caramel sweetness and a rich Chocolate finish.


The coffees in the S.L. Blend come from some of the most amazing gourmet specialty coffee farmers in Latin America and Africa;

Guatemala El Quisaché – a small village that sits on the Acatenango Volcano
Brasil Fazenda Sertãozinho – grown under old-growth trees in Minas Gerais
Ethiopia Bokasso – part of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union


The new S.L. Blend is designed to work as a dual-purpose specialty coffee (great as either as a drip/pour-over or an espresso)

 *Please Note: All coffee is roasted to order on Sundays and then shipped on Monday/Tuesday, all orders must be in by Friday at 1pm to make that week's roasting.

Recommended brewing guide:

For Drip/Pour-over brewing – general ratio is 15 to 1 (water to coffee).

so for a single cup try 30g coffee with 450g water


For Espresso – we recommend 18.5g espresso, pulled for 28 seconds to yield 28g of espresso