About Us

Black Fuel Trading Company was born on the bayou and came of age on the road.

During his fourteen years touring the world with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars, Shannon Leto developed a passion for coffee.  It started as a boy in Louisiana, the smell of his grandfather’s chicory coffee brewing in the kitchen cultivating feelings of warmth and familiarity that persist to this day.  As his world expanded beyond the muddy banks so did his palate.  From Paris cafes to the plantations of Costa Rica, he’s been sampling, tasting, and trying all in an effort to better understand the components that go into creating a distinctive specialty coffee.

The result of all this exploration is Black Fuel Trading Company.  Created as a way to introduce people to great specialty coffee, Black Fuel Trading Company uses only the most delicious, responsibly sourced, fair trade coffee beans with a portion of each bag sold going to charity.  Operating under a direct trade model, Black Fuel Trading Company is able to build mutually beneficial relationships with individual producers and collectives alike – relationships that go beyond just specialty coffee.