Grind Guide

Part of the reason BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. blends come as whole bean coffee is because your coffee should be fresh, and grinding at home ensures a fresher cup. Grinds range from powder fine to coarse, but how do you know what size to grind your whole bean coffee? What determines the size of the grind is the brewing method and brewing time. Take a look at this grind guide so your grounds will always be the perfect size.

A pulverized grind is very fine and often times leaves grounds at the bottom of the cup like a Turkish coffee. A pulverized grind produces a strong brew.

An espresso grind is less fine than a pulverized ground but is still considered very fine. This type of grind requires an espresso machine since it is prepared differently than brewed coffee where all other grinds can typically be used with whatever machine you have at home.

A drip grind is what you find in pre-ground coffee cans or bags that you’ll buy at the store. It is more coarse than table salt, which allows water to easily pass through without it sticking together. Drip grind brews typically take four to six minutes.

Coarse grinds are the largest, about the size of sesame seeds, and are best used for French Press or cold-brew coffee.

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