Types of Roasts

The guide below shows the basic types of roasts. Always keep in mind that each batch of specialty roasted coffee consists of complex subtleties. Although this guide can help categorize the types of roasts, two different types of coffee that are roasted the same way will have varying tastes. All BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. specialty coffees are blends, meaning they are a mix of origins and roast levels that result in a balanced and smooth cup of joe.


These are the lightest in color. With light roasts there is no oil on the surface of the beans. The more heat applied to a bean the more oil comes to the surface. Light roasts contain the highest levels of caffeine. “First crack” signifies the time in the roasting process when the beans start to expand and make a cracking sound. Light roasts are not roasted beyond “first crack.” This is typically around 401 degrees Fahrenheit. Light roast internal temperatures typically range from 356 to 401 degrees Fahrenheit.


You will start to see some oil on the surface of medium roasts. The body of the cup becomes heavier with the darker roast. Medium roast whole beans are roasted until the start of the middle of the second crack. This is around 437 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.


These roasts have a coat of oil on the surface of the bean. Darker roasts tend to be more bitter than light and medium roasts. Some dark roasts are so dark, the whole coffee beans look black. They are roasted to the end of second crack. Internal temperatures of dark roasted whole beans are typically around 464 degrees Fahrenheit.

Roast types are dependent on taste. Some may prefer the more acidic light roasts while others may prefer a slightly bitter dark roast. No matter what roast you prefer, all BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. specialty coffee blends will satisfy any palate. Visit our website to pick up a bag of your favorite direct trade coffee blend.