How to Brew With an AeroPress

Now that you know what an AeroPress is, it is time to start brewing. Follow the instructions below to make the perfect cup of BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. specialty coffee.

How it Works:

First, you will want to boil enough water for your Aeropress and the brew vessel, which should be around 400 grams. Then, place a filter into the AeroPress cap.

 The grinds for Aeropress should be a bit finer than drip coffee grinds. About 15 grams BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. whole coffee beans should be enough for your grind, although this may vary depending on the recipe.

 Place you BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. specialty coffee grinds into the AeroPress and add twice the amount of water to grinds, about 30 grams, into the AeroPress. Make sure the specialty coffee grinds are saturated, but do not stir, just press them down with your spoon.

 Continue to add more water by filling up the press, let sit for a minute then stir.

 Screw on the cap with the filter. Wetting the filter first will allow it to stick. Then, flip the whole device over and position it on top of your vessel. Push the press down. If it is too easy to press, the grind may be too coarse. If it is difficult to press, then your grinds may be too fine.

The coffee is fully brewed once you hear a hissing sound signaling that all the water has been pressed through the device.

Once you are finished brewing, unscrew the cap and continue to press the device another inch until a condensed puck of specialty coffee grounds comes out the bottom.

The AeroPress results in a smooth, concentrated cup of specialty coffee. If you prefer a more traditional style of coffee, you can always add more water, but do not add more water than recommended because this will not result in a better cup.

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