Preparation Guidelines Specialty Coffee Evaluation

All BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. blends are considered specialty coffee, where various components of the cup are sampled and scored  under the highest scrutiny. Yet, before the sampling and scoring begins, there are certain preparation guidelines that must be followed.

The sampling environment must be well lit with no interfering smells. It must be quiet with no distractions. The cups themselves should be ceramic or tempered glass, hold seven to nine ounces and the top diameter should be 3 to 3.5 inches.

Samples should be cupped 24 hours after roasted with eight hours of resting time before sealed. The roast should be completed in eight to 12 minutes and be light to light-medium roasts. The sample must cool by air. When they reach room temperature, they are then sealed in airtight containers. The samples should not be refrigerated or frozen.

The optimum coffee-to-water ratio is 8.25 grams to 150 milliliters. The coffee weight can be adjusted .25 grams higher or lower depending on volume of water in the cup. The coffee should be weighed as whole beans.

The whole coffee bean sample should be ground immediately before cupping, no longer than 30 minutes, although 15 minutes is the preferred wait time. Grinds should be slightly coarser than drip grinds. Five cups should be prepared to evaluate uniformity.

The water needs to be clean but not distilled or softened. Water should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit at the time it is poured. All grounds must be wet when the water is poured and must steep for three to five minutes before scoring begins.

BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. blends were prepared and tested by this method in order to be determined specialty coffee. The specialty coffee standard is the highest-level of quality. So, buying BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. blends means you’ll be drinking some of the best coffee there is. Purchase your favorite BLACK FUEL TRADING CO. blend.